OPPORTUNISTIC thieves have hit bargain hunters at Chadstone Shopping Centre with reports of at least half a dozen thefts during the Boxing Day sales.

In a post on the centre’s Facebook page, shopper Melissa Li revealed her purse was stolen in the food court early yesterday.

Ms Li claimed at least seven other thefts had been reported to the centre’s security team in a few hours.

“When me and my friend went to report it (the theft) at the security, there were already 7 other theft cases by 12pm (Definitely more cases after),” Ms Li wrote.

“Another lady I spoke to also had her purse taken out from her handbag.”

“Chadstone security acted fast and took down my details.

“They dispatched more security guarding the entrance and major stores only a few hours after the incident.”

Ms Li said security officers later contacted her saying they had found her purse, minus the cash.

She thanked officers for their help but called on Chadstone management to do more to help warn shoppers about potential theft.