A trailer on ABC ME dropped on January 1st for the remake of the late 70’s (1978 to 1980) Japanese TV series ‘Monkey Magic’, now retitled “The New Legends of Monkey!”, which is set to start broadcasting on January 28th in Australia.

Filmed in New Zealand and starring a local and international cast, the first trailer shows the premise of the ‘monkey king’ being held within the earth, until a major evil force comes upon the land, and it’s up to monk Tripitaka to help unearth the god to help the people.

Now that technology has caught up to the tales of ‘Monkey’, the trailer shows many of his usual feats with a new updated slant on his fighting, cloud flying, staff-techniques along with his sidekicks Sandy (now played by a woman) and Pigsy. Ten episodes have been filmed so far with Thai actor Chai Hansen playing the lead role of Monkey.