When you say life should be fun, everything you do could be with pleasure not struggle or pushing through things all the time, many think this is false thinking.

“In fact it brings up cries of “Everything can’t be easy!”…”Anything worth doing is only through hard work”…”How are you going to get anything done if you don’t push through things” or my favourite…No pain, No gain!…it’s a chorus of all these catch phrases!

The funny thing is that without really thinking about it all of us are geared to doing things the easier way, even the simplest task no matter what age, we want to find the easiest and most time efficient way to do it.

It would seem mad to do it via a more difficult way, in fact everyone around you would be making suggestions to you or even helping you to find a better way.

The path of least resistance does not mean ‘no’ resistance, so don’t get hung up on that. Resistance is a necessary part of life and growth.

What is usually misinterpreted is not that the action is the issue, as tasks are done everyday so that we can achieve what we need to do to have the life we want.

It’s more that when you engage your creative energy, no matter how little the task, there is power in your engine so to speak, you are engaging and tapping into your natural source energy that has a momentum of its own. That in itself is an amazing creative element that can re-order the structural make up of what you plan to happen and then helps clear the path to least resistance in order for it to come about.

Many creatives and famous inventors if you look into their process of creating have tapped into this very thing!…and you also can use the principles to make the easiest path to the life you want to create.

If you’d like to learn how to master the concept a recommended read is

The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz. There are many other books on the subject also.