The People Included Inc runs a Community Showcase Project , an online showcase that outline’s  information, projects and activities from nonprofits or governmental organizations in South Eastern Melbourne suburbs. The aim of the project is to give a comprehensive and accessible online resource that documents in-progress, ongoing and completed  community based projects in the south-east region.

The project  using interviews, testimonials, imagery, and information that are collected  and done by the People Included’s participants. The participants engage with NFP organisations, their stakeholders, participants and people behind the activities as they develop the project.

 The outcome is vary and beneficial for the Southeastern region, such as to increase  community awareness about the contribution by job seekers or hosts, as a resource for community groups seeking involvement in community-based projects, showcasing the achievements and project outcomes of community run programs or activities and providing a public and accessible listing of the programs/activities in each community and the benefits that they have provided.

The resource from the showcase will assist : employers, community groups, funding bodies, sponsors, volunteers, and other NFPs to establish networks and expertise to enhance future community projects.

The People Included Inc, which based in Oakleigh, Victoria believe that through the Community Showcase Project, they could deliver social benefits by showcasing online information about nonprofits or non governmental organisations that has been impacting communities with their own activities/projects.

For more information about the project and People Included Inc, visit  their website  or visit Community Showcase Project’s own website to check how it looks.